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What is THRIVE Loveland ?

Hyper-targeted Local Senior Lifestyle Magazine

THRIVE Loveland is a FREE, full color, full sized (8.5x11) monthly publication that serves  seniors living in Loveland, Colorado. It is all about the  seniors, what they are doing, their pets, their homes, their travels and their lives. THRIVE Loveland puts your message directly into the hands of your target market.

Legacy Publication

A centerpiece on the coffee table, collected and shared with senior's friends and family because it is all about them!!

The longer this vanity magazine stays in the seniors' home, the more visibility your company gets. 

Connecting Point

Connecting seniors in their community, facilitating meaningful local connections between seniors and businesses who serve them. 

What Thrive is not

THRIVE Loveland is not another directory of senior resources.  We believe that there are more then enough senior resource publications in our marketplace.  

THRIVE Loveland is not a magazine with more ads then content. We believe that older adults want more than just ads, that they are looking for substance. 


Meet the Publisher & Managing Editor

Danita & Mark Nixon are proud residents of Loveland, Colorado and passionate about helping seasoned older adults and creating meaningful community relationships. Danita was the publisher of the Back Country Views magazine in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  Over a four year period, Danita managed  and published this award winning magazine working closely with advertisers and the local community, cultivating connections and growing  rewarding  relationships.  Mark has a background in technology, sales and management. He enjoys using his life experiences to serve older adults  in the Loveland community. Mark also worked as a copy writer  and ad manager on Danita's publications.  Mark and Danita moved to Loveland over a year ago, to escape the Denver city life, be near their grandson and find a way to give back. They started Senior Living Advisors of Colorado to help seniors find the "right" local resources. They are  looking forward to continue serving their community through the THRIVE Loveland magazine.

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